How To Deal With A Third Party In A Credit Transaction

Credit transactions are indeed one of the most commonly used type of transactions that has been passed on for years. It is always a matter that takes place between the creditor and debtor. However, in the recent past, such transactions were received much attention by debt collectors. The primary objective is of debt collectors is to work as an intermediary or third party between the creditor and debtor, ensuring that the debtor pays his/her dues on time without any time delay, making it another friendly transaction.

Written documents are important

In such situations, receiving paper work in writing is highly important. You must ensure that the debt collector sends you a document in writing in the course of five days of contacting you with all the details including the amount you owe, creditor’s name as well as details on what should be done if you claim that you owe no such money to the creditor. All such criteria should take place according to the debt collection act, just like any other business transaction or matter that works under different acts.

Dispute the debt

If you are to convince a debt collections agency that you owe no such money to the creditor, such should be done by sending a letter to them within the course of 30 days of receiving the written document by them with regards to the debt transaction. However, sending just a letter will do no good. Whichever letter that you send them must be certified in order for them to accept it; if not, the agency has the power to deny the letter. In addition to that, it is always much safer to keep a copy of such a letter which you send in order to use in case of an emergency and also as a document of proof. 

Keep records

Just as much as the creditor maintains good credit management strategies to track their debtors down, you should too maintain such strategies in order ensure that all your debts are paid on time. As a part of this, you can keep records of all information exchanges that you’ve had with the collector via calls, letters, emails etc. which will provide a clear vision on how things are taking place with regards to the debt. These records should also include all details of the collection agency including the date and time that communication began between the two of you.

Know the restrictions

Even in such cases, there are certain restrictions that you should be aware of. There are certain factors like restriction of using abusive language and calling only between 8 am and 9 pm to be allowed are some of the many. 

Therefore, if your creditor decides to involve a debt collector in a credit transaction, make sure that you’re aware of these factors which may come in handy for you.

Mobile Atms – Benefits And Things To Know

If you have an existing brand or want to make a brand in the financial sector, such as banks, then think about mobile ATMs. You can use your mobile ATM at various places such as fair, community programs, festivals, concerts or other types of events.
Benefits of mobile automated teller machines service
By using mobile atm services you can be able to advertise your brand at these places. These areas are highly trafficked so it will make an awareness of your brand and this also helps you to make new contacts in the marketing sector which will make your business grow. 

If you encounter high traffic at the ATM counters of your financial institutions, then you can also use mobile ATMs to reduce the traffic. If you are going to open a new branch of your bank at a new location then you can install a mobile ATM at the inauguration ceremony to attract the people to your institution. And if there is failure of ATM machines at a place you can solve the problem by deploying mobile atm services at the place immediately. People will be attracted by this help and they will be loyal to your company if you can treat them well.
Things you need to know
There are various types of vehicles to choose from for your mobile ATM such as van, truck, bus etc. As it is a mobile automated teller machines service you have to think about its safety, it will be good to customize car with proper armor. It must be easily accessible from all the sides of the car and if necessary then you should install a service window for critical transactions.
There should a huge ATM sign which will help people to address that it is an ATM machine because people are generally unaware about this type of machines. Avoid complex designs or messages which can make a bad impression on the public and they cannot easily find out your mobile unit. Keep a simple design to attract people; people will come to your unit to withdraw money not to see a designer car. Rather you can think about other attention seeking items such as air dancers, chairs, tables etc.
Maximum people, who will withdraw money from your ATM, will not be a regular customer of your institution or even they are from other banks, so it is not be good or profitable to give them a brochure of your company. They will take the receipt when they make a valid transaction, so you can use another side of that receipt to advertise your company.