Reasons Why You Should Study Accounting

If you are a school leaver in doubt of whether to study accounting or not, here are 4 points to convince you into taking on a university course in accounts.You could work in any industryAccounting is something every business will need to have.  As finance is an important aspect in any company, you will be needed to summarize, audit, record and interpret the financial records of the company. You could be working in a law firm or even a hospital.  From your role as the junior accountant at a firm you can rise to a senior or financial accountant and from there you can climb to the role of an accounting or finance manager, chief financial officer or financial director. All these positions mentioned above can be bagged in any company. One can even start his own bookkeeping firm to sort out the finance needs of companies that do not have an accounts department.You will get a jobAs long as money keeps flowing around the world, accountants will be needed. Every firm, company or business needs an accountant. Not only do they need one, but they will need a group of them. Jobs prospects are high for the commerce field. Statistics say that 6 months after university, a graduate in commerce lands at a job. You will have to have numerical and quantitative skills, MYOB to xero conversion knowledge, taxation, auditing, good communication skills and be up to date with the current events.  These are only a few of the work you will have.High school education benefitsIf you studied commerce during you high school years, college won’t be as daunting as it is already what you learnt. You might not have learnt things like MYOB to Xero conversion, but you will get a grasp of it once you are in college. Every university degree is hard work. Make sure that you study properly all the basics and theories of the subject when you are studying for your finals in school this will make your entrance exams and other exams easier. Generally, you’re first or second year will constitute of what you learnt in school.The payIf you rise to the top, in about 2-3 years you will be able to score a pay check worth working for. Although work isn’t really about the money that flows in, you will be able to pay up any student loans or even buy your dream home. However, you must work hard and honest in order to reach a good job. On an average, an accountant earns around $38,824- $65,986 per year.